Progreen artificial turfs are the most ecofriendly and have hassle free maintenance. All you need to do is ensure that the surface is kept clean! Organic material like leaves can be easily removed, typically by using a leaf blower or a lawn sweeper. Even washing the synthetic grass occasionally is not required, as dust and dirt may accumulate, making it appear faded. Rainwater naturally serves the purpose of cleaning, leaving you unflustered.

Yes, children as well as pets can play on the synthetic grass surface safely, and we’re sure that they’ll love it! Synthetic grass being softer than real grass, scrapped knees will become a rare occurrence. Being pest free and fertilizer free, synthetic grass surfaces are least harmful, becoming the best for children to play on.

A weed barrier is used by Progreen to prevent weeds from growing through the synthetic grass surface, and hence it is very difficult for weeds to grow on the surface of the artificial grass. Although in very rare situations, if any weeds are found, they can easily be brushed away using a leaf rake.

The perfect combination of procedures and materials are blended together to create this synthetic grass with built in UV protection that allows it to hold its colour under all weather conditions. Progreen offers warranty for 5 years on landscapes to cover degradation from ultraviolet radiation from the sun’s rays.

An average landscaping area takes 2 to 3 days to cover, but it may take longer to cover a larger surface.

Synthetic grass does not need to be replaced frequently, but it totally depends upon the application and the quantum of the use that the grass has to withstand. Progreen provides 8 years warranty, but with proper care and maintenance, synthetic grass has been known to last for a longer time period.

Progreen’s synthetic grass surfaces are specially designed to withstand rain. The artificial grass does not retain any water, as it is equipped with an in-built drainage system. The synthetic grass is highly permeable to water and allows the rainwater to drain vertically.

The rubber and sand infill’s used to create Progreen’s synthetic turfs are completely non-toxic, as well as fertilizer and pest free, thus making it exceptionally safe for children and pets. The turf will not harm them, even if it is swallowed.

Progreen installers are masters at turf installation and fix the grass in such a way that the seaming tapes aren’t even visible! They use glue that is specially selected for Progreen’s outdoor applications and applied so carefully that the seams aren’t easily detectable.

The weight of silica sand holds the synthetic grass down and stabilizes it easily.

Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass is characterized by a sterile environment, which does not attract insects.

Progreen offers prospective clients a free, non-obligatory estimation for the type of synthetic grass application that is required by them. If you are a prospective client who is interested in our turfs, a Progreen representative will contact you and fix up an appointment. This qualified representative will carry samples and pictures and guide you about the installation that will best suit your needs. They will then inform you about the basics of the synthetic grass model chosen by you, the stitch rate, tuft gauge, pile height, material Dtex, etc. which will enable you to make an informed decision.

Synthetic grass can be installed on any kind of base, making it a winner. The only thing that changes is the method of installation, and Progreen is well equipped to install its premier quality synthetic grass on all surfaces.

Maintenance is a very crucial factor for ensuring playability and durability of the synthetic turf. Court maintenance safeguards the surface and makes sure that it remains soft and not over-compacted or hard, thus preventing possibility of injuries of a serious nature. Maintenance also ensures that the infill is evenly distributed to showcase a clean and attractive surface.

With QUICK SOLUTIONS, Progreen offers the complete service for proper maintenance of all synthetic grass sports surfaces, by providing trained personnel and special equipment necessary for preservation of the turf. Some general guidelines to be followed are:
• Daily cleaning of debris
• Daily inspection of seams
• Brushing of the synthetic grass to maintain a straight yarn – After every 30-35 hours of use.
• Leveling the infill material and ensuring that the infill material complies with the manufacturer’s specifications, in order to comply with the warranty offer – After every 30-35 hours of use.
• Routine cleaning of infill and rejuvenation of the field.
• One a year moss and algae control.
• Magnet cleaning for any harmful materials that may be thrown on the field.

In the infill procedure, synthetic grass is inserted with sand or a mixture of small rubber particles, in order to stabilize it for better performance. Additionally, the sand infill helps by preventing the synthetic grass from expanding and contracting as a result of temperature changes. The sand also acts as a fire resistant and is chemically inert, thus safeguarding the installation.

Progreen offers a 2-year warranty on seaming. As for the synthetic grass carpets, the warranty varies, depending upon the model and the manufacturer’s warranty. The Technical Date Specification (TDS) for each model is a good reference point to understand the approximate warranty proffered for different variants of sports applications.

Sports surfaces made from synthetic grass are long lasting, durable and virtually low on maintenance while being immune to weather conditions, making it the perfect installation choice. It is also softer than natural grass, thus reducing harmful injuries. Additionally, it dries quickly, is easily playable on even when it’s wet and has UV treated fibers to add an aesthetic and functional appeal. And the best part is that it looks completely natural!

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