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Effortless Artificial Turf Installation: Step-by-Step Guide

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Effortless artificial turf installation

Artificial turf has a number of benefits that really make it stand out as a great option for sports, homeowners, business owners in various industries, and more. However, it’s traditionally a bit of a pain to install properly. A lot of prep work has to be done, and in general, the process is fairly laborious. 

However, there is an alternative that will make your artificial turf installation an absolute breeze: ProGreen Sports. 

ProGreen Sports specializes in providing top-quality turfs for a variety of surfaces, and we’ve dialed in the process to create a seamless turf installation that’s quick, easy, and practically effortless. 

Here’s how it works and why ProGreen Sports artificial turf is for you. 

An All-in-One Approach

We set ourselves apart with an all-in-one approach to turf. We handle everything from the manufacturing to the marketing, sales, and installation of our products. 

This all-in-one approach provides a number of benefits to you. 

First and foremost, it means that you don’t actually need to do anything to enjoy an effortless turf installation. Our professional team will handle the installation from the prep phase to completion. So you can relax and focus on more important things. 

You also get a more streamlined experience with a higher quality of customer service, better products to choose from, and no worries about supply stocks, third parties, or other things that tend to cause problems in any industry that’s not self-contained. 

While you don’t have to lift a finger to have the finest artificial turf installed by ProGreen Sports, here’s a brief breakdown of how the turf installation process is handled. 

1: Ground Prep

Artificial turf does need to have the actual ground layer it’s installed on prepped before the turf goes down. This is absolutely crucial if you’re having artificial turf put down for a sports surface of any kind because lumps, dips, and other natural features of a natural ground surface can be dangerous for athletes to run on. 

This is done by removing any grass that is already there by the roots. The grass is removed to keep it from growing up through the turf later on and destroying it.

Artificial turf installation - grass removal

If the ground that’s going to be used is riddled with dips and lumps, smoothing it might also be necessary.

2: Weed Guard

Around the perimeter of the cleared area, a drainage mat and weed guard will be laid out to prevent water damage and weed growth around the edges of the turf. It won’t be noticeable once the turf is fully installed, but it’s crucial to ensure that the artificial turf lasts for its full expected lifespan.

3: Rock

The next step is to cover the bare ground with a mix of gravel and rock. This isn’t enough to be noticeable or uneven underfoot. It’s just a mix of small rocks to ensure the ground is hard and doesn’t get displaced with all the activity that the turf will see throughout its lifetime.

4: Rolling Out the Turf

Once the ground is fully prepped, the rest of the artificial turf installation process is easy. 

Artificial turf comes in large rolls. These are rolled out across the surface being turfed, and then they’re simply cut to size if they’re too big or go out of the perimeter that was prepped. 

Obviously, this process isn’t done with one roll in the vast majority of situations. Especially when the area is being used for sports due to the sheer size of the area being turfed.

Multiple rolls need to be laid out and connected seamlessly to prevent the turf from being an eyesore, spreading and catching on a foot or field maintenance equipment, or letting water and debris get between the seams. 

The turf also needs to be rolled in a pattern to ensure that it connects properly. This is similar to a bricklaying pattern, but you won’t see the pattern when the project is completed. 

5: Taping the Seams

Depending on the product being used or the installer’s preferred method, either a seaming tape or a similar product will be used to adhere the seams of the artificial turf rolls together.

Typically, it’s a tape. This tape isn’t like your run-of-the-mill tape, though. It will stay put for the duration of the turf’s expected life expectancy

Choosing Your ProGreen Sports Turf

As you can see, the turf-laying process isn’t overly complicated, but the fine details of it make it a job best left to professionals.

However, you do get a fair amount of involvement in other parts of the process. 

Such as choosing the turf you want. 

While many turf suppliers are fairly limited, we have a massive selection of artificial turf products to choose from. 

Sports Surface or Landscaping?

While our name implies we’re a sports turf supplier, and the sports world is definitely our biggest customer, especially when it comes to football turf, we do provide exceptionally high-quality artificial turf products to those looking to do residential or commercial landscape turf, as well.

It’s important to differentiate between which type of turf you need, though.

Artificial turf installation - choosing the right turf

Sports surfaces are designed primarily for the safety of athletes and long-term durability, and landscaping options are a little more visually complex with a focus on making the turf look as natural as possible. 


The length of the artificial turf you choose is extremely important. It might be regulated for some sports surfaces or in a landscaping environment. The length can completely change the appearance of the “lawn”. 

For example, our landscaping turf comes in 35mm and 65mm varieties that both feature the same natural green straight pile and yellow curls. However, both options provide dramatically different looks. 


Finally, the color of the turf is crucial. In sports, and even some commercial cases, turf can be a variety of colors. From red to blue, you can find artificial turf to suit your needs. Even if you’re solely looking for natural colors, such is the case in a commercial setting, you have to choose from different color mixtures that emulate various grass species.

Get Your Artificial Turf from ProGreen Sports

Now that you’re familiar with the whole process of turf installation, there’s only one thing to do – choose your turf.
Regardless of what turf you need and for what purpose, if you want fast and effortless artificial turf installation, contact us today.

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